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A really Secure Cloud

CerberHost is one of the most secure cloud ever. It features 16+ security layers to protect your LAMP sites against any attack. A lot have tried, but no one passed the defenses.Learn More

To scale & protect

CerberHost is a Private Cloud, with great features, like the ability to pop new machines to reinforce your achitecture in little time. Flexible, reliable and fully managed. It’s a Spa for your webapps. Learn More

Created by experts

Created & operated by a pentest & hosting company (NBS System) already behind the famous ZendCloud, running thousands of Websites, from CMS to E-commerce. A unique skill set.Learn More

Some Key features ?

Why Choose Us

  • We, as a pentest & hosting company, are skilled in both areas
  • After 600+ pentests, we know how to break in, and defend!
  • We spent a lot of time & money to engineer this, with the best people
  • We tested it with an external audit and an external pentest company
  • We already run more than 2 thousand LAMP sites
  • We offer a Fully managed service, scalable, reliable, fast & safe

What they Say

You are my favorite pentest Team, I’m looking forward to your hardened environment!
Nicolas, Vente Privée
(trying to break in a DVWA) … In a general way, we can say that no vulnerability allowing server compromission were identified or exploitable”
Pentesters, HSC
Thank You for protecting our site.
Simon, Charlie Hebdo
I hate you, you ruin the business.
Anonymous Hacker, Hacker corp